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Simon Geocache Prototype

Using the Arduino we have combined a number of scavenged things from around the lab to build a geocache that will only unlock after playing (and winning) a good ‘ole fashioned game of Simon. Here’s a video of the completed project: Below are some notes and pictures of the process. This was a fun project […]

Arduino and Seeed Quad Band GPRS Shield Review and Tutorial with Examples

We have a couple ideas for some remotely located arduino projects that we want to control and or receive data from on a internet connected server so we decided to check out the Seeed GPRS Shield. We actually ordered this shield through Amazon.com (for the same price) just so we could get the free 2 […]

Blip.tv Admin Menu Plugin

The Blip.tv Admin Menu plugin for WordPress allows you to upload, edit and delete videos from your Blip.tv account right from the Admin panel of your WordPress site. Get the plugin: WordPress Plugin Site Download RWSDevBlip Directly This plugin was derived from the blipPHP library originally written by Almog Baku and updated by me.  While […]

Updated PHP Library for Blip.tv – Blip-PHP

I currently have a client that needed to interface with Blip.tv through their API. On Blip’s site the only reference to a php library is one written by Almog Baku. After downloading the library and trying to get it working, I realized that commits on the library were from 2010. Blip updated their API in […]

RazorWire Solutions, Inc. Now Offers Network, Server and Site Penetration Testing!

We are proud to announce that RWS is now offering full penetration and security testing for your local networks, external networks, servers and web sites. What’s covered: Username / Password settings Application security and vulnerabilities Web application security and vulnerabilities: buffer overflows, sql injection attacks, insecure input fields Network host security Host data security WiFi […]

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